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Inauguration Accuray – 16.04.2024

  • Post author:Anna Gräbner
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Genolier, April 16, 2024 – The inauguration of the Innovation & Partnership Hub by Accuray marks a key milestone for the Genolier Innovation Hub. This scientific and medical hub, spanning over 25,000 square meters, is designed to be at the heart of regional and international innovation in the fields of medtech, pharmacology, digital technologies, and biosciences.

The Genolier Innovation Hub, which will officially open its doors in September 2024, will offer a unique environment for translational research and the development of new medical solutions. It aims to foster collaboration among physicians, researchers, companies, startups, or scaleups in market launch phases, and industries to accelerate innovation and progress in treatments and healthcare services.

This extensive space will also serve as a prime location for education and training in new technologies and medical advancements, thereby enhancing the skills of today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.

A 300-seat auditorium, equipped with cutting-edge immersive audiovisual technology, has been designed as a vibrant hub, hosting not only regional, Swiss, and international businesses for their meetings and events but also associations and other civil society organizations, thus promoting perpetual exchange and collaboration, which are the central pillars of the site set to be inaugurated in the fall.

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