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Afterwork event – Genolier Innovation Hub

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Afterwork eventGenolier Innovation Hub

Recently, the Genolier Innovation Hub’s team organized an Afterwork Event. The objective of this event was not only to introduce the project to the employees and physicians of the Swiss Medical Network group, but also to tell them that it will be a future place for them. Celebrating also the arrival of summer, the event took place the 21st of June, in the late afternoon directly at the construction site of the Hub.


The guests were invited to visit the construction site and explore various key areas of the Genolier Innovation Hub. At each station, one or more speakers awaited them to provide a brief explanation.










Main entrance, Lobby & Reception:


The tour began in the lobby, which will be the future main entrance of the Hub. Anna Gräbner, CEO of Genolier Innovation Hub, introduced the project’s main objectives to the guests. She underlined the goal of creating a collaborative space that promotes innovation and idea exchange. Anna highlighted the Hub’s unique features, including state-of-the-art laboratories, flexible coworking spaces, and a strong network of partners. She emphasized the importance of interaction and potential synergies among participants.






The bunkers:



Dr. Oscar Matzinger, Medical Director of Radiotherapy at the Swiss Medical Network, warmly greeted the guests inside one of the future bunkers. He presented the advanced radiotherapy capabilities that would be available, including state-of-the-art equipment and a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Matzinger emphasized personalized patient care and expressed his excitement about the transformative impact on cancer treatment. These bunkers were built in partnership with Accuray, one of the main leaders in high-precision radiotherpy.





Congress zone, sponsor zone, studio and the restaurant:



In the near future, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a delightful dining experience in a restaurant with an idyllic setting. Stanley Hautdidier, Director of Clinique de Genolier, eagerly welcomed the guests and introduced them to this charming establishment. The facility will also include a Congress Zone, Sponsors Zone, a Studio for all kinds of TV and radio shows, and other amenities to facilitate collaboration and enhance the overall experience.







This future auditorium serves as the heart of Genolier Innovation Hub and will feature a 300-seat place in the future. Vincent Gonnet, CEO of PointProd Actua, and Guillaume Houllier, Director of Narrative, were present to discuss its significance with the guests. The auditorium will be a key venue for all kind of events: medical conferences, health forums, scientific seminars, but also other non scientific and medical events, such as cultural and political ones. This place will be at the forefront of highly connected and digital technology, featuring state-of-the-art LED walls along the sides of the surface and in front of the windows. These immersive and 3D presentations will provide a cutting-edge experience for attendees.




The operating rooms:


Dr. Jacques Bernier, Chief Science Officer, and Dr. Philippe Glasson, President of the Medical Coordination Group of Swiss Medical Network, provided valuable insights about the future operating rooms. They discussed the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and emphasized the focus on efficiency, precision, and patient-centric care.
These two future operating rooms will be highly connected and exclusively dedicated to training and education. Attendees will have the option to observe surgeries from the auditorium, through remote access, or from the observation platform adjacent to the glass-enclosed operating rooms.





Nuclear Medicine Area:



Dr. Antoine Leimgruber, Medical Director Swiss Theranostics & Director of Swiss Medical Nerwork Development Nuclear Medicine, and Christina Bernasconi, Medic

al Radiology Technologist Manager in Swiss Medical Network, led a tour of the nuclear medicine facility, showcasing its strategic location and advanced features. They highlighted the facility’s state-of-the-art equipment and emphasized its commitment to safety and patient care. This nuclear medicine area is developed hand in hand with our partner, General Electric Healthcare








At the end of the tour, everyone enjoyed a friendly aperitif on the future green roof of Genolier Innovation Hub.The Genolier Innnovation Hub‘s team sincerely thanks all the participants for their commitment and contribution to the success of this event. We are looking forward to welcoming you in 2024.






Thanks to all of you the Hub is growing and evolving !
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