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“Last but not least” workshop – 23.03.2023

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Last but not least workshop – Genolier Innovation Hub

“Thanks to your contribution, we are building the Hub”: this is our motto for the last workshop which took place yesterday. Genolier Innovation Hub invited its partners and future stakeholders, one last time before the opening of the Hub, to come and visit the Hub‘s construction site.

The morning started with some captivating updates about the Hub followed by testimonials from our future partners GE HealthCare and Accuray and early stakeholders MedtronicKARL STORZ and IRCAD.
They honored us by sharing their experiences and highlighting the possibilities of collaboration with the Hub. The guests were able to discover the very enriching updates from them.

Interactive session
An interactive session followed in different areas of the future Hub where the guests had the opportunity to give their suggestions and ideas in order to improve education, interactions and services inside the Hub.





Services & Equipments which took place in the future main entrance of the Hub. Babs Siclet, CEO of Genolier Patient Services & member of the executive board, Gabriele Rossi, the architect of the Hub and Nicolas Martin, Digital E-Commerce Director for AEVIS Group, animated this workshop with the help of Stanley Hautdidier, Director of Clinique de Genolier.







Education & trainings took place in the future operating rooms which are located on the Hub’s roof. Dr. Philippe Glasson, Vice President of Swiss Medical Network & President of the Medical Coordination Group, Dr. Antoine Leimgruber, MD MSNuclear, Physician & Radiologist and Dr. Maud Jaccard, PhD Medical Physicist led this workshop with the help of Dr. Jacques Bernier, Chief Scientific Officer of Swiss Medical Network. 








Events & auditorium took place in the future auditorium of the Hub with the view on the Mont-Blanc and the Lake Geneva. Vincent Gonet, CEO of Pointprod Actua, Sandra Neeracher Lauper, Chief Communication Officer of Swiss Medical Network and Julia Thibault, Head of Events & Sponsoring of Swiss Medical Network brought this workshop to life with the help of Anna Gräbner, Project Manager of the Hub.
Networking lunch
After the interactive session, the guests were invited to enjoy a standing lunch on the future green roof of the Hub. It was a rich moment of exchange and networking that allowed all the future actors of the Hub to interact together.

Wall of fame

In order to allow each participant to demonstrate that they were present and that they contributed to the construction, evolution and optimization of the Genolier Innovation Hub, each guest was able to leave their mark on the Wall of Fame. This artistic wall will remain available for future events and will definitively be hung in the Hub once it opens its doors. A wall of fame as a souvenir of these interactive exchanges and workshops…

The Hub‘s team would like to thank all the participants and speakers for your valuable feedback and active involvement.  The team is also very grateful to the animators and staff who supported us and allowed us to create a magical event.

Thanks to all of you the Hub is growing and evolving !
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